Created Jun 26, 2007


Over-Sixty, Sexy, Savvy and Soaring! (A Team London Ambassador, for the UK's capital) more

A British writer, sociologist, Cambridge postgraduate, and global authority on emotional health, Elaine is a fine example of confidence and positivity, despite living with a life-threatening illness.
Her life's work has focused on empowering people - through numerous talks, books, a magazine, professional training, national recognition awards, and personal coaching. As a successful training consultant and motivational speaker - both corporate and individual - Elaine is keenly interested in personal growth and development, and celebrating diversity. She regards confidence, empowerment, and inclusivity as keys to an enriching and rewarding life.

The subject of various books, articles and interviews, Elaine's many 'firsts' include being the first Black graduate of the Open University, a presenter of the first Diversity Lecture in the House of Commons, and a keynote speaker at UNESCO's Global Women's Leadership Conference in Paris. Elaine was also the first Black woman in the UK to own a national magazine, and the only woman to be simultaneously awarded TWO National Training Awards by the UK's Department of Trade and Industry. She was the founder of both the British Diversity Awards, which ran successfully for 12 years, and helped to pioneer effective diversity practice in many business and public service establishments, and the Windrush Achievement Awards, which recognised the outstanding contributions of minorities to society.

A senior education manager in a large secondary school, education editor of The Voice newspaper, and later managing editor of New Impact Magazine, which promoted multicultural advisory and training issues across Britain, Elaine's prolific writing on emotional health, career development, relationships, and personal confidence, has positively affected many people, through her role as adviser, columnist, and freelance broadcaster.

She believes smiles and laughter are the best medicines and does not take herself too seriously too often. She is divorced with two kidults, Andre and Nicole.

Her current motto is: Over-Sixty, Sexy, Savvy and Soaring!

Her main advice is: "Always Be Yourself! Those who like you will value and nurture you, while those who don't will pass you by and save you the stress!"

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