Created Jun 26, 2007


Over-Sixty, Sexy, Savvy and Soaring! (A Team London Ambassador, for the UK's capital) more

ELAINE SIHERA is a leading British authority on Emotional Health and confidence guru. Author: 'Understanding the Human Confidence Triangle' and The ESC Confidence Survey Report©,

Lifestyle columnist and media contributor; Diversity Pioneer and Business Awards Founder; A Team London Ambassador, working her 'magenta magic' for the UK's capital.

Nicknamed Ms CYPRAH (or Cyber-Oprah by admirers), Elaine is the first Black graduate of the UK's pioneering Open University, and a postgraduate of Cambridge University.

Main websites: The Sihera Emotional & Mental Health Guide©, The Sihera Confidence Guide©, The Sihera Career & Management Guide© and The Sihera Relationship Guide©.

A former education manager, magazine editor and diversity consultant, she is the prolific author of six books and nearly 3000 articles on emotional health, self-empowerment, career advancement and people management.

An Internet agony aunt and freelance broadcaster, Elaine is a very keen advocate of changing perceptions on ageing and boosting people's feelings about themselves.

She believes smiles and laughter are the best medicines and does not take herself too seriously too often. She is divorced with two kidults, Andre and Nicole.

Her current motto is: Over-Sixty, Sexy, Savvy and Soaring!

Her main advice is: "Always Be Yourself! Those who like you will value and nurture you, while those who don't will pass you by and save you the stress!"